Monday, August 20, 2007

Iklan Hari Merdeka / Independence Day Advert

Still in the Merdeka Theme. Have you seen recent Merdeka advert by local tv, TV3? The one that started with a bunch of boys were playing soldiers. They were arguing when all 'shot dead' by a little girl. They told the little girl to go home and cook for them. Girls aren't fit for army. Fast forward to current year, it show a shot of army boots and broom being swept. The girl already a lady soldier. And the guy with broom (who was one of the boys) salute the lady. The advert ended with a shot of the young boys posing as a Tugu Negara.

This catchy advert have plenty of sublime messages. One, we shouldn't be arguing with each other. Outsiders might take advantage of that and 'kill' us all. Two, women should free themselve from things that would limit them from achieving their full potential (i.e. women can be anything). Three, we should always remember the struggle that forefathers (and mothers) endured to achieve independent and defend it. Four, it's a sort of recruitment advert encouraging youngster to join the army to defend the country. Five, visit and value local historical sites.

So, have you been to 'Tugu Negara' (National Monument) recently? I visited in June 2007. :)

(p.s. If you look carefully at this picture of Tugu Negara, you can see a soldier folding the Malaysian Flag)

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