Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day 2: KLIA - Rome - Genoa

Supper high up in the sky. The choice was either fish with lemon sauce (or something like that) or chicken with mushroom sauce. Normally I would pick fish but this time I went for chicken. It didn't exactly look appertizing (sorry no photo) but it tasted good!

The old lady accross the aisle got sick. She didn't got out of her seat and made it to the toilet on time. She threw out at the aisle. Pity the guy who sat behind me. Some of her 'stomach contents' got on his clothes.

Breakfast. The options were 'nasi lemak' or 'bread and omelette'. Not that I don't like Malaysian's food, but I needed to stay away from food that might upset my stomach. So, I went for omelette. What came were: orangy cube that tasted like potato, soggy hash brown and equally soggy omelette that was accompanied with peas.

Touch down. The bus took us to the arrival gate. At the security check, a can of coke in my bag was 'confiscated' and transfered to the dusbin. Italian time is 5.30am. From now onwards entries would be in Italian time. It was by any standard still early. Only one imigration counter was open.

After some confusion, we finally got to the domestic ticketing counter. Boarding time is 8.50am. We killed time by loitering at the terminal.

When boarding the plane, the first thing I noticed was, somehow Airasia planes look bigger. Upon entering the door, I could see the cockpit and the lady pilot behind the 'wheels'. She could be the co-pilot but that didn't matter. Though I've met woman airforce pilot, I've never seen woman comercial aircraft pilot. Another important thing to note, the cockpit door was open and very near to the entrance. It was so near that someone could have pushed the two stewardes aside, and barged into the cockpit! A very scary thought to have!

Up amongst white cotton cloud, on our way to Genoa.

Touch down in Genoa. A chartered coaster took us to our hotel, City Hotel. The hotel is on Via Roma (Roma Street?).

Got into my room. I tested all the switches, lights, and waterworks (bathroom). It's a habit I picked up from a friend in university. I had a light meal (sardines).


We went out in search of lunch. We settled for McD. I was still full, I ordered fries, "patatine" in Italian ( the cashier spoke no English). It was Euro2.10. Then we broke into smaller group and roamed the sreets of Genoa. My group walked until we passed the main railway station. Most of the shops were closed. Seemed that almost no one works on Sunday!

Back in the hotel room. Fell into deep sleep. It was around 11.30pm in Malaysia - bedtime.

Woke up with an empty stomach. Tried knocking others' room, no one answered. So I went out in search of a restaurant alone. I found a restaurant. It was warm and cozy. Imagine how I must have felt after a long walk at temperature 10degree Celcius (I didn't wear enough layer of clothing).

I queued at the buffet line. My dinner was a bread and vegetables. At the cashier:
me: Inglese? (speak English?)
handsome casher: Yes, if you like.

Yay! I managed to take away bread. I headed back to hotel.

Upon reaching the hotel, I saw one of my travel companion. He was hungry and wondered where to eat. So I walked with him to the restorant. We ordered a vegetarian pizza, plain water and a cup of capuccino. The pizza was huge enough for three. The capuccino was a very small cup. All that for Euro9.20.

I was back in the room. Prepared a few things for work before going to sleep.

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