Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day 3: Genoa - mixing work and leisure?

After a few time of waking up at odd hours (not odd in Malaysia's time), I finally got out of bed. I had a mild headache. Could be due to too much sleep. Had a good hot shower, got into longjohn and work attire.

Breakfast at the hotel. I had cereal and bread. 'Smuggled' a few bread into my backpack.

Got on a charted bus to work. It took about half an hour to get to our destination. Work is beyond the scope of this blog. Let's just say work finished at 4.30pm and the trip back to hotel is about 30 mins.

My body was still trying to adjust to local time. To keep myself awake, I did a stock check of my food. I sort of did 'what to eat when' to make sure I have enough.

I went down at the lobby. I'm suppose to have dinner with my colleagues. I fell asleep a few times on the lobby chair while waiting for all my colleagues.

We adjorned to the hotel restaurant, 'La Rune'. After yet another long wait, the food finally arrived - pasta with fish. The portion is just right for my small stomach. I cleaned my plate even though everything tasted bland for someone used to Malaysian food!

After the late dinner, I took a walk with fellow 'travellers'. We wanted to find a seafood restaurant recomended by a distance relative. We ended at the so-called Christopher Columbus House. Then we walked along a street called Porta Soprana until we reached a square, Piazza Matteotti.

Since we couldn't find the restaurant, the guys wanted to return to hotel. We went in a building called Pallazo Ducale. The building housed a museum, some offices and restaurants. In the indoor 'courtyard' (sort of an atrium) is a modern art sculpture. Something about life sphere space.

We exited to Piazza de Ferrari. At the square is a beautifull fountain. The historical buildings around the square provide great backdrop. We took a lot of photos before walking back to hotel.

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