Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's 2008!

My first post for 2008.

I can't type much. If you notice, my previous entry was rather short.

I'm short of one digit (no pun intended). No, I still have 10 fingers. Just that I cut my left index finger pretty deep while cooking last weekend. Yes, I do cook once a while, especially when nothing seems to appeal my appetite. Good thing the knife was angled in such a way that it cut deep, otherwise it would have slice off a little piece of meat from my finger! But a lesson learned, I shouldn't be using any sharp object nor heavy machinery when I don't feel well.

Accident aside, I never realized that one less of a digit would cause any trouble. Especially in typing. After all, I do have another perfectly good 9 fingers. But no, after years of using 10 fingers, missing one caused chaos! With that realization, my new year resolution is to cherish all the little things that make our life meaningfull and happy.

So what's your new year resolution (if any)?

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