Saturday, January 05, 2008

Layar Tanchap

I’ve heard about it from somewhere last year. What is it? As a friend put remarked, it sound somewhat fishy and kinky. But it was nothing like that. Ma Hen let me tag along to Galeri Shah Alam for a session of “Layar Tanchap” last night. I was supposed to taking some photos for her.

Quoting Ma Hen:
“Layar Tanchap is a free alternative to expensive night out in discos and night club”.

After going to one, my take of “layar tanchap” is some sort of a mini art festival. There were a few ‘booth’ selling art related stuff. And there were people doing life painting. But the main course on the menu is the performances at the centre ‘stage’ (actually the people performing at the centre of the pavilion). I’m sorry I didn’t get the names of the performers. There were songs, poetry reading, and a short film. The first lady who sang beautifully with her husky voice. There was a Japanese lady who agreed to do the sang the chorus with one of the bands.

And I particularly like the performance by another young lady who not exactly sang a song. She composed some poetry and sang two of it to the strums of guitars. Even though I wasn’t paying attention to her words, I loved it. The emotion and the music just gelled together! The last time I heard poetry being sung was ages ago near central market. It was the time when certain local artists were still young and regularly hang out there!

Anyway, I why wasn’t I paying attention to the lady? I was trying to take usable photos. I am capable of taking usable photos when there’s enough light (available light photography), unfortunately there wasn’t enough light in the area. I have to use speedlight (also know as flashgun). My skill in using speedlight is still relatively non-existence. I had a hard time figuring out the settings on the camera and external speedlight just to get usable photos (more photos).

Where was Ma Hen all the while? Mingling in the crowd. Some of the organizers and performers are her friends. Around 11pm, Ma Hen made a ‘diva like’ exit (saying good-byes to her friends) while me, like a good side-kick, made a quiet one.

I enjoyed my first “layar tanchap” and hope to go for the next one. Thanks Ma Hen! Don’t forget to bring me along to the next art scene!

p.s.: Except to the lost of sensation (hopefully just temporary setback), the injured finger is recovering just fine.


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me said...

The poet, whom i found out much later, is now famous for her song "Arjuna Beta", Fynn Jamal.