Thursday, January 17, 2008

Soaring High

It was lunch hour. The square was somewhat deserted. There were no queue. I made my way to the ticket booth. RM15.

"We are open until 31st August" the lovely lady behind the counter said.

I was ushered to a small glass pod. My heart started to race. Oh God! It was a lot smaller than what I'd imagined. Reluctantly I stepped into the glass pod. It immidiately swayed a bit under my feet. Panicked, I quickly sat on the bench to my right.

A few minutes later the pod moved backward and upward. My heart raced faster. I shifted to the opposite bench. I looked down, the pod had left the ground. I felt a bit dizzy. Before I knew it, the pod was back on the ground. I thought it was over but it continued moving.

After 3 rounds, I was calm enough to use my trembling hands to take some photos. I was glad when the ride ended after the fifth round. Stepping my feet back on the ground, I could proudly say I've been on "Eyes on Malaysia". It was my first time ever on a ferries wheel!

p.s. This a jotting from a person who is sort of afraid of height.


Lynn said...

tahniah! tahniah!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Thank you!