Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Today it hit me, I've been commuting to work for 3 years!

So this morning, on my way to work after 6 days of break (including public holiday and annual leave), I did a mental arithmetic on the time I spent on the road. Just to keep myself alert and awake for the drive to work early in the morning!

It takes me a total of 4 hours to get to and back from the office. I work average of 20 days per month.

Total time spent on the road = 4 hours X 20 days X 12 month X 3 years

Total numbers spent on the road after 3 years? Answer: 2880 hours!

Then a friend asked, how many days is that? Answer: 120 days!

I also calculated the distance I traveled. I could have driven from KL to London and back to KL for at least 5 times!

I thought all the mental arithmetic would keep me awake. But NO! I fell asleep at a red traffic light!

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