Friday, March 14, 2008

Away, swimming for awhile

Yes, I'll be going away for awhile (that's another story). But not by swimming.

What did, was my T5, two days ago. Again. This time I did not try to resusitate it. I took it out of the water, let the water dripped from the T5. And let it be. I didn't even let it dry out in the sun. I didn't put high hopes that it will survive. But today it did, yet again! I haven't check the extend of damage (if any) to the T5. So far, the touch screen seem to be unresponsive. Perhaps because there's still water underneath it.

About me going away, if the touchscreen works, I'll try to blog from where ever I'm going.

Oh yeah, dear friend(s) who are reading this, if you don't hear from me after 5 days, please report me as a missing person.

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