Thursday, July 24, 2008

S3X and the City Cocktail Party

Typo in the title was intentional so that this entry would not appear under the same category in search engine. Anyway, thanks to Ma Hen, I got to tag along to the cocktail party. The party was held in conjunction with the premier of the film “Sex and the City”.

It was a last minute thingy, Ma Hen’s colleague couldn’t make it so I stepped in. I was concern about being under dress. After all I went to the party straight from work. Lucky for me, no matter what shirt (or in yesterday’s case t-shirt) I wore, I almost always wear a blazer to office. The blazer is not only for the cold office, but also to camouflage my skinniness. Ma Hen assured me that my office attire was good enough. Among those glitzy and glamorous people (a.k.a. celebrities), I must have looked a bit formal.

The event was held at GSC mid Valley. Great food! I was too busy filling my stomach with the scrumptious food that I forgot to take photos of the food. Food was followed by a brief fashion show modelled by DJs from a certain radio station (name of the designer and radio station shall not be mentioned).

The radio station also held some quiz related to the tv series. The crowd was a sport. The selected audience had no qualms fulfilling the DJs request. In turn, the participants won a bottle of perfume each.

The highlight must have been the girl who won an ‘outrageously’ expensive shoes simply because the shoes fits!

Among the guest are familiar faces in local entertainment industries. Me, being very ignorant of the entertainment industries (local or abroad), avoided talking too much. Don’t want to be outright obvious that I was clueless. Without Ma Hen, I wouldn’t even know how to pronounce a local entertainment magazine (we shared table with a pair of reporter from that magazine).

Thanks to my dSLR, I didn’t have to talk much other than to say “SMILE…”.

This rookie photographer learned a thing or two: 1) Need to be careful about ‘chopping off’ people’s legs. 2) I need one of those original expensive flashgun if I were to shoot these kind of events more often!

More photos here.

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