Sunday, July 20, 2008

All the Small Things...

"... work sucks, I know..." - a song from Blink?

You see, the power-to-be up in the corporate ladder decided to relocate the whole office to a relatively new town outside of KL. Compared to KL, the new town, devoid of everything. I admit that I’m beginning to miss the little things that I’ve reluctantly come to enjoy in KL.

What I missed most are the things that I was able to do during lunch our. I am no longer able to have lunch in KLCC park . Or visit the Petronas Art Gallery in the twin tower. Or read books in the National library. Or break away from office madness and go for a ride on the ‘Eye Of Malaysia’ (which still available at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa till 31st August 2008)

I am also no longer able to enjoy the bus ride home (and little naps while on the bus ride). The new office is not as accessible by public transports as the old office. I tried taking public transports (a combination of a train and two connecting buses), and found out that it would take me more than three hours to get to the office (the new office is actually about 1 hour drive) Hence, I had to drive to the office.

Driving meant that I have little time to blog because quite a number of entries in this blog were done on (or concocted while waiting for numerous public transports). But all was not lost when one day, I saw my first complete rainbow (I could see the two ends) while driving on the highway to work.

That day, with the song ".... some where over the rainbow, the skies are blue...." ringing in my head, my otherwise grim morning became somewhat colourfull!

To my regular visitors: thank you for returning to this blog and sorry for long overdue updates.

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