Friday, January 31, 2014


I had wanted a freshly cooked hot meal for lunch. I was pressed for time. I had to settle with a meal from a nearby fast food chain restaurant. It tasted horrible! I could barely stomached the burger and the chips. Since the food were bought from a chain restaurant, there were probably nothing wrong with the food. It was probably my body rejecting unhealthy fast food.

Reeling from that experience, I thought hard and came up with an experiment: cook a 30-minutes-meal during lunch hour break.

My magic kitchen-in-a-box (a.k.a mini mobile kitchen):

The box is actually:

Something is cooking:

My 30-minutes-meal cooked using 30ml of spirit in that small groove stove:

Macaroni with egg, mushroom & carrot soup/broth followed by egg-less steamed chocolate cake, then wash down with a cup of hot 3-in-1 nescafe.

The experiment was a success!

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