Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Last and first micro-adventure for the year - Part 1

How could it be last but at the same time first micro adventure for the year? Well, it began on new year eve and ended on 1st January 2014.

I was suppose to finish work at 5pm, but I got off early and went cycling. By 5pm, Black Beauty was already packed and safely tucked in the bus' luggage compartment. None of the bus company's staff made any fuss about my 'luggage'. Nor did I have to pay any extra charges. Thank you Suasana Edaran!

The bus departed at 5.20pm. An hour later, I was unfolding Black Beauty at the sidewalk of the Klang River bridge. To the uninitiated, the murky water flowing next to Central Market is not a monsoon drain, IT IS A RIVER.
Except for two or three persons who gave me thumbs up, passers-by pretty much ignored me while I prepared Black Beauty for my ride.

Even with the roads closure, it took me less than 10 minutes to get to the Dataran Merdeka, the hot spot for the new year celebration. There were a lot of police presence as well as city hall personnel. They were bracing for the planned demonstration by whom I regard as party poopers.

I continued on to Quality Hotel City Centre at Jalan Raja Laut to meet the rest of my companions for the new year eve. The hotel staff just looked and smiled on as I folded and packed Black Beauty before brought it in. No one was bothered by it. My companions on the other hand were surprised as well as amazed that I brought along Black Beauty and cycled to meet them.

After dinner and relatively quiet new year celebration (compared to the concert and chaos at Dataran Merdeka), we retired to bed. Everyone had a long day. On top of that we all had an early start the following day.

(to be continued... )

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