Friday, January 02, 2009

My shoes

If you notice, I have a pair of shoes as my profile photo. Yes, that pair of black shoes have been with me on some journey. They have been on some of the trips I took during those lunch break in the city - bus rides and noon walk to name a few. But the pair didn't last, and had since long gone. They did not go as far and as long as these pair of now-no-longer-white-shoes.

My favourite now-no-longer-white-shoes have been with me since 2003. They are well padded making them comfortable enough to be walked in, all day long. Yet they are quick enough to dry when they are wet. They have been with me to Phuket, China, Bali, Singapore, and lots of other places in Malaysia. After five years of abuse, the shoes are still in good condition (though a bit dirty). And best of all, they were given free when I represented my previous office in a sports event!

I hope this year these pair will continue to serve me as I travel through my journey in life!

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